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Penn Central of Richfield

Registration now open for Open Streets at Penn Fest

Richfield's Biggest Block Party on Sunday, September 21

from 12 noon to 4 pm 


Watch for Open Streets at Penn Fest returning Sunday, September 21 from 12 noon to 4 pm. Penn Avenue will be closed to vehicles from 62nd to 76th Street. Vehicular traffic will be replaced by foot traffic, bicycles, skateboarders, dancers and more.Plus, there will be food music and games galore!
Open Streets at Penn Fest is also your chance to participate. We're looking for community groups, buisnesses, food vendors/food trucks, and home-based businesses/crafters to join the celebration as participants. Our last two Open Streets at Penn Fest have drawn an estimate 7,000 people each year, so it's a great opportunity to meet new people. Check out these participation opportunities:

Food Trucks/Food Vendors



With thousands of hungry visitors, Open Streets at Penn Fest is the place to be for food trucks and stands. Guests come looking for delicious food. Make sure you're part of the action. Event registration is $150 plus some additional fees for permits. 

Download Food Vendor Registration Form Here

Crafter/Home Based Business/Flea Marketer


Are you a local artisan or crafter? A home-based business? Or a flea marketer? Come to Open Streets at Penn Fest to sell your goods. Registration is only $25, providing you with a space at the event. Note: You need to supply your own tables, canopy and display racks. Registration provides a space only. This category is reserved for truly small entrepreneurs and not larger business that operate with a permanent storefront or office.

Download Crafter Registration Form Here

Open Streets at Penn Fest

Open Streets at Penn Fest is co-organized by the City of Richfield Recreation Department and the Penn Central of Richfield neighborhood group. 
More information about Open Streets at Penn Fest will be shared on our Penn Cental Facebook page and Twitter page. 

Note to Penn Avenue Businesses

The registration forms for food vendors and businesses on this page are for businesses not already operating in the Penn Avenue area. Businesses with a permanent address on Penn Avenue do not have to pay a registration fee. However, two things are important: 1) A voluntary sponsorship donation would help ensure the success of Open Streets at Penn Fest. 2) Please let us know what you're planning to do at the event so that we can promote your activity to the public. Please send details and a digital promotional photo to penncentralofrichfield@gmail.com. 


Business Registration Form


Promote your business with a booth at Open Streets at Penn Fest. You may distribute literature, conduct sales or offer services to the many guests of the event. Registration fee is $150.

Download Business Registration Form Here

Community Groups


Join the fun and promote your group! This category is for non-profits, community organizations, youth groups, athletic leagues (noth youth and adult), churches, advocacy groups and more. We encourage you to come to the event with some type of activity that will draw visitors to your site. FREE registration for all qualified community groups.

Download Community Group Registration Here

Trending Neighborhood News

Two departures from the avenue

Uncommon Sports Cards and Brueggers on Penn Avenue close 

We really prefer to welcome new businesses to the neighborhood, but sometimes we must acknowlege the departure of businesses. Two highly valued members of the Penn Central of Richfield community have closed shop recently, namely Uncommon Sports Cards and Brueggers. We are sad to see both of them gone.

Uncommon Sports Cards Closing

Uncommon Sports Cards

We watched Uncommon Sports Cards grow up on Penn Avenue, relocating several times to larger spaces.The shop was always an active and involved member of the business community, including a good participant at Penn Fest. During the last two Open Streets at Penn Fest celebrations, Uncommon Sports Cards brought in popular sports celebrities, Bob Lutesema in 2012 and Jake Reed in 2013. The shop fell victim to the challenges of running a small business. We will surely miss Uncommon Sports Cards.

Brueggers Bagels Richfield Closed

The lights suddenly went out and the signs came down at the Richfield location of Brueggers on Penn and 66th. No official word has been announced from the operator. Brueggers was also a good participant at Open Streets at Penn Fest, sending their Brueggers mascot out on the streets to welcome visitors.


Gateway Monument Design Reviewed
Installation scheduled for Penn Avenue and other entry points 


As part of the Crosstown Commons reconstruction, funds were designated for the design and installation of gateway monuments on arterial streets at the Richfield/Minneapolis border, including Penn Avenue in the Penn Central of Richfield neighborhood. A task force has been reviewing designs and slogans in recent months, and concepts were presented to the City Council. The design shown above uses a classic look with the name "Richfield" stylized in a fashion reminiscent of the former Richfield Bank and Trust name. 

The installation of gateway monuments is a great idea. Visitors to our city too often mistake Richfield for one of our neighbors. That's not a good thing. These gateway monuments are slated for the northern border of Richfield, but it would be beneficial to also instrall gateway monuments on the border with Edina and on the 494 border with Bloomington. Guests to Richfield should not confuse the Southdale Square area with Edina or the Best Buy office with Bloomington, which happens with too much frequency.


Suburban versus urban living

Does Richfield offer the best of both worlds? 


The Star Tribune recently ran an interesting article about a trend where younger people, often times young families, are increasingly choosing the central cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul rather than suburban communities. This trend has been a reversal of historical patterns. To see the article, please click here.

While very interesting, the article divided the metropolitan area into only two categories, urban (meaning the central cities) and suburban (meaning everyone else). The article made no distinction between inner ring suburbs and outer ring suburbs. That was too bad because there really is a deeper story to tell.

Which brings us to the question, where does Richfield fit in? Interestingly enough, Richfield seems to be experiencing growth that's similar to the central cities. There is a pattern of more young people and younger families choosing Richfield as their home. By certain measures, Richfield is beating Minneapolis in the youth movement. According to the U.S. Census, Richfield has the largest percentage of residents under the age of 5 among all communities that border Richfield. The percentages are Richfield 7.5%, Minneapolis, 6.9%, Bloomington 5.4% and Edina 5.4%. A quick check with Richfield school enrollments confirms this trend where the classes at younger ages are growing.

So why are young people choosing more urban living? One reason is that they like the walkability of urban areas where you don't have to drive to go to a store, dining establishment or park. That characteristic fits right in with living in Richfield. With Richfield's local stores, neighborhood parks and quiet residential streets, Richfield scores equally as well as the central cities.

But here's the best part, Richfield matches the central cities in many quality-of-life measures, yet offers benefits that the central cities can't match. As an example, the size of Richfield gives it a small town feel where it's easier to build community.  People in Richfield really can connect with one another more easily through volunteerism, school activities and civic involvement. If you want to have an impact on the community, Richfield is accessible, where Minneapolis is much more overwhelming and bureaucratic due to its size. 

Richfield offers a unique blend that combines the best of urban and suburban living. It is a feature that we should capitalize on in promoting Richfield as the best place to live, work and do business.

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Banners marking the identity of the Penn Central neighborhood were installed in September.

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