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Penn Fest

Penn Fest Sunday, September 18 from 1 to 5 pm

Richfield Penn Fest is back for 2022. On Sunday, September 18 from 1 to 5 pm, Penn Avenue in Richfield will close to cars and open for fun, including food, music, games, biking and crafts on the street. It's a day of celebration when the street becomes a place to explore on foot and bike traffic.

Click here for a Penn Fest flyer and map

Eats on the Avenue

Come hungry and eat at iconic Penn Avenue restaurants such as Fireside Foundry, Sandy's Tavern, Flynn's, Tazzah, Davanni's. Cone Brother's Ice Cream. Plus, watch for announcements about guest food vendors.

Games, Inflatables and Fun

Explore the avenue for on-the-street games, activities and more. Bring the kids for all sorts of things that are sure to bring out the laughts and smiles. Most activities are free, so it's a day of fun that's easy on the wallet.

Live Music

Enjoy live music on the street. Fun and festive music will get you tapping your toes or singing along. Watch for coming  announcements about specific acts.

Dance on the Street

Join in and dance right on Penn Avenue. It's the fun way to get your steps in and burn some calories while at the event. Everyone is welcome to dance!

Pet Activities

Bring your furry friend along! Penn Fest isn't just for humans! Look for pet related exhibits and activities near Woof Central 

Local Businesses

Check out local businesses that you drive by routinely. Penn Avenue is busy street, and chances are you drive by the local businesses frequently. Here's your chance to stop by and see what they have to offer.

Explore the Avenue

Do something you can't normally do! Walk or bike Penn Avenue as you explore the many activities, exhibits, stores and food options. It's kind of like a mini-state fair right here in Richfield

Fun Activities for Kids

Bring the kids! You'll find countless fun activities such as crafts and art projects to keep your kids entertained as you explore the avenue.

Surprises Galore

Discover something new while visiting Penn Fest! Half the fun of Penn Fest is not quite knowing what you'll find at the event.  It's an ecletic event with something for everyone!

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Click here for a detailed Penn Fest exhibitor map

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